Tim Ash from SiteTuners on VIPVino

Tim Ash, noted author of the book Landing Page Optimization took time out of his busy schedule to stop by and talk conversions with us while in town for Connected Marketing Week and Conversion Summit.

When it comes to landing pages, which can take many forms, from a home page to a microsite developed specifically for a campaign, marketers often fall victim to one of the 7 deadly sins.  The most common mistakes, being trying to do too much on the page itself, giving the consumer too many choices, asking for too much information on a form and letting designers run amuck with creativity.  He says landing pages should have a “zen-like stillness” out of which the natural path to conversion will arise out of the quiet.    In other words.. less is MORE.


Tim is a student of the human pysche and has even dedicated a chapter in his book to psychology referencing Meyers Briggs and Robert Cialdini’s work on persuasion and influence because as he puts it, it’s about how we take basic human nature and adapt technology to it, and to do that and we need to understand persuasion motivation. In a world of increasing social connection and influence, this becomes even more important for brands in optimizing their social presence and integrating social proof into their websites.

In fact,  one of Tim’s 4 Pillars of Building trust is the need for external validation whether that is client testimonials, trust symbols from other brands or simply the consensus of peers, your peers. And with the recent F8 announcement and open graph integration – this is kind of web personalization is even more possible and just the kind of trust asset that can help facilitate increased conversions. It was a very insightful conversation and for those of you interested in increasing landing page conversions, whether that’s in the form of more registrations, leads, or sales, Tim’s book is a must read.  Landing Page Optimization in spite of its title delivers on both the entertaining and educational front combining insights with science for better landing pages and ultimately more cha ching at the cash registers.

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