5 Marketing Lessons learned from World Series Champs, the SF Giants

This world series managed to galvanize the masses like no other.   And like any great marketing effort – there are a series of lessons we can learn from this event.

1) Have a great product – This team pulled it out, worked hard and played great baseball.   After climbing out of a period San Francisco fans call the Torture, years mired with the agony of being so close yet so far to victory….this year the team pulled together, leveraged their assets on defense and offense to a tee,  and quite simply played terrific baseball.  Great products ignite conversation and great teams galvanize their cities.

2)  Be a true team.  This year unlike in previous seasons- there was no one player that stole the spotlight, rather each player rallied and played together to ensure victory.  Similarly, marketing today is no longer a silo that creates and pushes messages.  Customers are creating the conversation and that means that true alignment needs to happen.  Marketing = Customer Service = Product Development = Sales.  Are your teams set up to share customer feedback in way that positively impacts each of these areas? If not, hurry it up!  Listening to feedback and bringing that back up the chain to product development, messaging and service are the ONLY way now.

3) Embrace your brand’s quirky side. Whether its long hair, an unusually dark beard or a nickname like Panda – tap into your corporate culture and let the best shine through.  In world of over-stimulation and advertising noise everywhere – its the different quirky brand elements that will stick out, personalize your brand and keep your customers thinking of you.

Pedro Sandoval, Kung Fu Panda SF Giants

4) Let your customers do the marketing for you.  Your brand advocates will tell you what they love, tap into that and expand on it, give them ways to spread those messages.  “Fear the beard” was a phenomenon that quickly took hold city-wide.  SF Giants were able to capitalize on this and as a result rung up $483 million in revenues according to Forbes.

5) Reward your customers!  When a baseball team like the Giants have success, they don’t keep it to themselves – they share it with all of the fans.  Set up marketing programs that give your customer something back in turn for their loyalty. This could be as simple as a thank you (the equivalent to a “high five”), or an actual real world reward they can use. It will create goodwill and can even be a positive conversation piece to share with friends, which can expand your base.

Did we miss any.. what other lessons can Marketers take from this years World Series champions?  or other winning teams for that matter?

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